Articles 15-02-2021

Cut to a Photobook >

Tine Guns & Daria Tuminas

Rocambolesco from tine guns on Vimeo.

Belgian Platform For Photobooks invited the artist Tine Guns and the curator Daria Tuminas to reflect on a subject they share a mutual interest in — photobook editing. What they have created takes the form of a downloadable double-sided poster. On one side is the central image of Guns’ self-published photobook Rocambolesco (2019), and on the reverse side is a detailed analysis of the publication’s editorial principles, accompanying the reader through all the image combinations, cover to cover. The layout emphasizes the non-hierarchical and non-linear way this text was collaboratively written: instead of an interview or a narrative, the reader will see the authors’ “voice balloons” floating around the visual scheme that served as the basis for the dialogue. Cut to a Photobook > experiments with applying film and comic book editing terms to the discourse of photobook editing.

Download and read the material by clicking on the image below.

From ‘Rocambolesco’ by Tine Guns (2019)