Within the Bubble of Surroundings

First and foremost, this is an ode to friendship. One that was forged years ago between several boys living in the countryside, surrounding the small village of Hoegaarden (BE). The loyalty and unwithering spirit within their comradery, as well as the picturesque scenery with its plains and creeks, free to roam and explore, provided the ideal backdrop for Seppe Vancraywinkel (BE) to grow into the young romantic he is today.
As they got older and have now left the place that once connected them, in search for new ventures, Vancraywinkel imagines himself and his friends as moving through life inside a bubble that assumes form whenever they are together. Within their togetherness he finds solace and refuge, as the bubble is impermeable to demanding noises from the outer world.
Within the Bubble of Surroundings, Vancraywinkel’s year-long work, aims to document spontaneous moments in which both visual and affective traces of the bubble are noticeable. The selection grants an insight into an evolving yet solid friendship in which notions of time, space, adulthood, masculinity and intimacy are spontaneously and intuitively reconfigured in a playful manner.

Photographer(s): Text:
Seppe Vancraywinkel Text by Florence Flussie (not included in the book)
Format: Pages:
22,5 cm x 32 cm 144
Design: Images:
Rob van Hoesel
Publisher: Binding:
The Eriskay Connection Softcover with linen cap
Printer: Printing:
Wilco Art Books
Date: Edition:
2023 1000