The Picture of Dorya Glenn

A photographer stalks a writer after severely transforming and altering her portrait. Like a paparazzo he spies on her and observes her closely and intimately. He captures every single detail of her daily life through his lens while she writes the sci-fi story that is published in this book. However he especially wants to find out how image manipulation affects her and her psyche, with fatal consequences. Next to the photographer, Dorya Glenn is the main protagonist in the sci-fi story. But who is she? The Picture of Dorya Glenn is a collaboration between photographer Filip Naudts and the Dutch-Chinese writer/visual artist Julie O’yang. It is a photographic romance noir, a dark surrealistic sci-fi photo novel in which the authors play the main characters: Julie in the shape of the extra-terrestrial Dorya Glenn, and Filip as himself. Text in English and Dutch.

Photographer(s): Text:
Filip Naudts Julie O'yang
Format: Pages:
24 x 17 cm 159
Design: Images:
Group Van Damme
Publisher: Binding:
Stichting Kunstboek Hardcover
Printer: Printing:
Date: Edition:
Oostkamp, Belgium