The land between two waters

The book brings stories about the Kuršių nerija in Lithuania, about a land between two waters. Stories that evoke memories, that sow doubt, that play with form and texture. The land between two waters puts our eyes to the test and questions how reliable our own memories are. It shows us how a peninsula and its inhabitants cope with the wind, the sea, the beach, the forest, and the constant change of natural and human forces.

Photographer(s): Text:
Els Dierick Els Dierick & Lien Van Leemput
Format: Pages:
20 x 27 cm 64
Design: Images:
Lien Van Leemput 33
Publisher: Binding:
Self-published Soft cover, otabind
Printer: Printing:
Cultura, Wetteren Offset
Date: Edition:
May, 2021 300
Ghent, Belgium