The Diver

For the editing of ‘The Diver’ I took a closer look at the work of two great masters: Hokusai and Osamu Tezuka. More specifically their use of the frame or the panel was a great inspiration. The transitions between the frames and especially the ‘aspect-to-aspect panel transitions’ that define Osamu Tezuka’s manga were very important in the construction of ‘The Diver’. I focussed on the way our mind creates a story out of two or more fragments of an image. I wondered what this would give if I’d translate this to photography. The frames in ‘The Diver’ are to be read as the frames of the window between the inside of a hotel room and the seaside outdoors. There’s a man in the hotel room. There’s a book on the night table. This book is ‘The Diver’. I gave the book the size of a regular manga or even a little bible. The story can be read from left to right or from right to left.

Photographer(s): Text:
Tine Guns
Format: Pages:
13 x 18 cm 80
Design: Images:
Tine Guns 49
Publisher: Binding:
10191 / self-published Perfect bound
Printer: Printing:
Cassochrome Duotone HUV Offset
Date: Edition:
2017 (dummy edition of 5, 2015) 50 (40 normal + 10 special edition)