The Collector

Girl watching Man watching Girl watching Books in a House like a Book. The photographs of this book were taken at ‘Huis Van Wassenhove’, one of the most important examples of brutalist private architecture in Belgium. But if this villa is known for its open structure, the whole photo series of Tine Guns contradictorily emphasizes the feeling of being trapped. You can’t escape the gaze. We see the shadows of the trees on the outside of the building, inviting us to take a look inside. The readers have to become voyeurs themselves to find clues of what’s going on. Time passes, the shadows of the trees are moving. The Book becomes the house. The Collector is a meta-book on photography and voyeurism and the male gaze versus the female one.

Photographer(s): Text:
Tine Guns
Format: Pages:
15 x 20,5 cm 96
Design: Images:
Tine Guns 65
Publisher: Binding:
10191 / Self Published Section Sewn
Printer: Printing:
3 plus Digital printing
Date: Edition:
February, 2018 100 (90 regular, 10 special editions)