Stillness is a visual wandering, a series of stills from a world in incessant motion. Nik Gaffney’s photographs, taken over the course of one lunar year, are observations on materiality and time at turns ethereal, evocative and timeless. In Stillness, organic abstraction emerges from algorithmic concreteness. Page after page, a non-linear filmic sequence appears through juxtaposition and transitions, a flow punctuated with meticulous effortlessness. Somewhere between a documentary, a study or an artwork, the book itself is a fleetingly material object, a simple call to partake in the radical act of noticing.

Photographer(s): Text:
Nik Gaffney Timothy Morton & Maja Kuzmanovic
Format: Pages:
28 x 20 cm 112
Design: Images:
Nik Gaffney
Publisher: Binding:
MER. Paper Kunsthalle Otabind
Printer: Printing:
Lannoo, Tielt
Date: Edition:
2016 300