With an infinite delicacy, the naked bodies of pregnant women photographed by Anne Greuzat tear us away from the hubbub of the world and propel us to the threshold of life. These five women tell us through their bodies with generous forms a thousand stories that we have to receive as many promises of a life to come. No affirmation of power for all that. No exhibitionism. No thunderous statement. Everything here is a whisper and a rustle. The strength of these women lies in their revealed fragility, in their admitted doubts, in their assumed nudity. A nine-month parenthesis has opened up in them where joy and hope are mixed with a dull melancholy (…) Pauline Vidal

Photographer(s): Text:
Anne Greuzat Pauline Vidal
Format: Pages:
21 x 14 cm 60
Design: Images:
Anne Greuzat 27
Publisher: Binding:
Self-published Hardcover, sewing binding
Printer: Printing:
Kolor Klinika Offset printing
Date: Edition:
March, 2022 300
Zagreb, Croatia