Rebel Lives: Photographs from inside the Lord’s Resistance Army

The book documents photos taken by rebels from the Ugandan rebel group the ‘Lord’s Resistance Army’, led by Joseph Kony. The pictures, taken between 1994 and 2002 by the rebels themselves, show the rebels as they wanted to be seen by themselves, and by the outside world. During a number of years, the photographed (former) rebels were traced, and photographed again in 2018 by Congolese photographer Georges Senga.

Photographer(s): Text:
Unknown rebels from the Lord's Resistance Army; Georges Senga Kristof Titeca, Jonathan Littell, Harriet Anena, Rein Deslé, Christine Oryema-Lalabo
Format: Pages:
28 x 22 cm 288
Design: Images:
Oliver Ibsen
Publisher: Binding:
Hannibal Publishing
Printer: Printing:
Die Keure, Bruges
Date: Edition:
June, 2019
Bruges, Belgium