Que Deus Reparta A Sorte

“Que deus reparta a sorte”, a slogan that serves both as a prayer and a battle cry, which is expressed before a bullfight in a small town in southern Portugal, is the title of the book by Belgian photographer Eva Faché. Roughly translated to English, it means “may God give everyone an equal slice of luck”. Consisting of approximately 132 pages and approximately 100 images, this first book by the Ghent native, is an intimate look at the practices, tradition and lives of the close-knit community behind the controversial spectacle of bullfighting.

Photographer(s): Text:
Eva Faché Veerle Devos
Format: Pages:
18,5 x 22,5 cm 132
Design: Images:
Tina De Souter 95
Publisher: Binding:
Stockmans Art Books Swiss binding
Printer: Printing:
Antilope De Bie Printing Offset
Date: Edition:
June, 2021 750
Ghent, Belgium