It looks like Belgium, and at the same time we are elsewhere. Time is suspended in contrasting grained black and white. The photos that Simon Vansteenwinckel has taken to the four corners of the flat country (Belgium) blur the boundaries between the real and the imaginary.
What is this funny country where we go to the festival in bathrobe, where we love witches and pole dance, where the beer is without false collar and combine harvesters run full pistons ? This colorful humanity that celebrates or lives in the interstices of daily life is touched with a poetic, not cynical. The carnival lasts a long time when we know where to look.
It is a Belgian wandering off the beaten track, a visual account of several years of strolling.
Welcome to Platteland!

Photographer(s): Text:
Simon Vansteenwinckel Hugues Henry, Saïd Al-Haddad & Fabien Ribery
Format: Pages:
28 cm x 28 cm 108
Design: Images:
Simon Vansteenwinckel 85
Publisher: Binding:
Home Frit' Home Hardcover
Printer: Printing:
Standartu Spaustuve Offset HUV
Date: Edition:
February, 2019 500
Brussels, Belgium