Peculiar Artifacts in Bosnia and Herzegovina – an imaginary exhibition

The book is the result of a 4-year project in Bosnia-and-Herzegovina where Thomas Nolf came across the existence of pyramids, stone spheres and other peculiar artifacts, discovered by Semir Osmanagich and his team. Aiming to draw an alternative biography that counteracts the post-war disillusion, Nolf photographed, intervened and ultimately tried to pedestal the phenomena as a history to believe in.

Photographer(s): Text:
Thomas Nolf Danijel Dzino, Srecko Horvat, John Hooper, Semir Osmanagic, Cornelius Holtorf, Andrew Lawler, Irna, Thomas Nolf
Format: Pages:
17 x 24 cm 176
Design: Images:
6'56" 60
Publisher: Binding:
Art Paper Editions
Printer: Printing:
L. capitan Offset
Date: Edition:
May 2017 700
Ghent, Belgium