Odo Yakuza Tokyo

Odo Yakuza Tokyo is an intimate personal account of a Belgian photographer documenting the inaccessible subculture of Japanese organized crime: the Yakuza. Anton Kusters teams up with his brother Malik and documents the inside of the Shinseikai family, who control Kabukicho, the infamous red light district, in the heart of Tokyo. From funerals to covert training camps, business meetings to full on tattoo displays, the modern day enigma that is ‘Yakuza’ in Japan is shown.

Photographer(s): Text:
Anton Kusters Anton Kusters
Format: Pages:
22,6 x 27,9 cm 216 (232, third edition)
Design: Images:
88 (87, second edition - 84, third edition)
Publisher: Binding:
Self-published Otabind LayFlat binding
Printer: Printing:
Perka, Maldegem (BE)
Date: Edition:
June, 2011 (first edition) 500 (first edition, second and third edition of 2000)
Hasselt, Belgium