No More No Less

It’s about music live pictures and portraits, a small summary of 30 years analogue photography. My portraits in this book have revealed nothing profound about the subject. What I tried to achieve, was to share a moment with the artist. And now I share those moments with you, no more and no less! After having strolled through my archives, kind of ‘on a roadtrip” in my own most impulsive way, this is the final result. This selection isn’t about the ‘Who’s’ or the ‘When’s’ of the portraits. More than anything, I offer you my kind of journal, full of emotions and beautiful memories…

Photographer(s): Text:
Bernaded Dexters Bernaded Dexters
Format: Pages:
28 x 34,5 cm 105
Design: Images:
Bernaded Dexters 202
Publisher: Binding:
Self-published Open back
Printer: Printing:
Date: Edition:
September 2016 300
Antwerp, Belgium