Nergens beter

In the morning, over coffee, we often turn over the front page of the outside world. We readily accept the information the newspaper objectively tries to sell us as true. This is how we start our day and what feeds our conversations.
Throughout the day, we are confronted with new images, of all kinds, that nudge the text and photos from that morning deeper into our subconsciousness, making them part of our own personal image databank.
In the evening when we sag into our couches, completely depleted, we are ready to surrender to our favourite soap. We immerse ourselves in a fictional reality that has surprisingly many parallels with our world outside. The imagination effortlessly carries us away as we experience the great dramas in the universe of the protagonists, who play out their dialogues in a grotesque and magnified manner. That little bedtime story becomes just as much a part of us, without us even questioning it.
Nowhere better (Nergens beter) challenges the reader to deal with an ever-changing reality. How are images formed in our heads when there are both ‘objective’ newspaper photos and ‘subjective’ soap scenes? Does one influence the other? Is an image fiction or registration?
How do we deal with truth in a crime scene like world?

Photographer(s): Text:
Jeroen Brejou Jeroen Brejou
Format: Pages:
28,9 x 38,0 cm 32
Design: Images:
Jeroen Brejou 43
Publisher: Binding:
Newsprint (folded)
Printer: Printing:
Melomedia Offset
Date: Edition:
January, 2021 300
Ghent, Belgium