My Olive Tree, Memouna

This book portrays my search for identity and my homeland. I immigrated at an early age form Morocco to Belgium. This project aims to look at the elements that create a home: not just the landscapes and stories, but for most the people that we surround ourselves with. How are we shaped by the place we call home? What happens to us when we lose this foundational base? How does it continue to live inside of us? During my search, I rediscovered my past and my sense of belonging. This book is an ode to the people and memories of my childhood.

Photographer(s): Text:
Naïma El Kadi Naïma El Kadi, Aya Moudallel
Format: Pages:
17 x 24 cm 72
Design: Images:
Asja Keeman 24
Publisher: Binding:
Self-published Swiss bound
Printer: Printing:
Raddraaier SSP Offset
Date: Edition:
September, 2021 100
Antwerp, Belgium