In an empty space, two dancers (Pierre-Noël Akosse & Chen-Wei Lee) handle ash dust – symbol of regeneration and fertility. LUNAR plunges us into the reappropriation of the body.
After Di-Vision, a photographic study of the body and symmetry announcing the theme of the mirror, the LUNAR series invites us to the dialogue of the opposites. By a purified device the black and the white, the shadow and the light, the man and the woman, the emptiness and the matter, the inertia and the movement or again the life and the death, become inseparable.
Source of perpetual creation duality is seen here as a cycle of complementarity, one only existing thanks to the other in order to restart a life cycle.

Photographer(s): Text:
Maël G. Lagadec Luc Bigé
Format: Pages:
26 x 36 cm 64
Design: Images:
NN Studio 72
Publisher: Binding:
Babelfish asbl Exposed sewn binding
Printer: Printing:
Snel Offset
Date: Edition:
December, 2019 350
Brussels, Belgium