Libre Maintenant (Free Now)

You are these men who one day responded to the advert of a photographer inviting men to pose naked for him. You agreed, on condition of anonymity. And you masked your faces. Sometimes your masks covered them entirely, sometimes only partially. In cheap hotel rooms, you displayed your naked bodies before his lens, and as you stretched out on these dull beds, he who stood before you guided you with his gaze, looking at you in a way that no one had before, a way that even you had never looked at yourself before. It was not, then, the image to be taken of you that pushed you into these rooms. It was the experience of the image. […]
Excerpted from Karelle Ménine’s text.

Photographer(s): Text:
Pierre Liebaert Karelle Ménine
Format: Pages:
16 x 22,5 cm 80
Design: Images:
Frédérique Destribats & Pierre Liebaert 40
Publisher: Binding:
L'éditeur du dimanche Leporello, wrapped in a tri-fold leaflet, sleeve, photo-lithography print.
Printer: Printing:
Graphius Offset
Date: Edition:
2021 688 (464 in French, 224 in English)
France & Belgium