L’heure bleue

It is sweet the second that starts the blue hour, velvety light on the body and the plant. They always reveal themselves in the brilliant moments of the in-between, the sparks of the soul, brush the velvet colors. The movements express life to infinity in this passage from day to night. For this book, the images needed words. To feel them fly to more intimate landscapes. (Valérie Callewaert)

Photographer(s): Text:
Anne-Sophie Costenoble Valérie Callewaert, Xavier Canonne, David Courier and Jean-François Spricigo. Translation : Peter Behrman de Sinety
Format: Pages:
19 x 26 cm 64
Design: Images:
Thierry Julliand (T'ink studio) 32
Publisher: Binding:
Arp2 Editions
Printer: Printing:
Albe de Cocker Antwerp Offset
Date: Edition:
June 2017 550
Bergen, Belgium