Les Instants

In the particular attention paid to the smallest details, one can read the photographer’s desire to exchange her eyes for those of childhood. If they sometimes appear closed, evading the gaze, or sometimes even imploring, it is these same eyes that make everything an event. At their contact, a snail shell lodged in the palm of the hand, a reflection in the water, or simply the sun spots dancing on the wall become a source of enchantment. The poetry of the detail that is sketched in these small things has the prodigious power to revive, by soliciting our senses, emotions buried in our memory.

Photographer(s): Text:
Chrystel Mukeba Marie Papazoglou
Format: Pages:
24 x 31 cm 52
Design: Images:
Chrystel Mukeba & Joël Van Audenhaege 38 + cover
Publisher: Binding:
Arp 2 Editions Hard Cover Sand Linen
Printer: Printing:
Snel (Liège) Bichromy Printing
Date: Edition:
April, 2022 300
Brussels, Belgium