LAVORI IN CORSO means work in progress. This book was born following an artist’s residency in Rome in the year 2018. A book signed by two, as a couple. Without any text, the work draws its coherence only from a visual logic. Photographs taken with different cameras, both digital and analog, using various types of film, black and white and colors, sometimes outdated. Snapshots, accidents, landscapes, details and fragments. The photographs echo the papers and drawings sketched on the spot, made on papers found in the street, picked up on the ground and bearing the inscriptions or marks of the circulation of bodies in the city, footprints, writing, wear and tears.

Photographer(s): Text:
Joseph Charroy - drawings: Florence Cats
Format: Pages:
21,8 x 28 cm 200
Design: Images:
Joseph Charroy 128
Publisher: Binding:
Primitive Editions Hardcover, perfect binding
Printer: Printing:
Kopa Offset
Date: Edition:
October, 2020 500
Brussels, Belgium