Julien – possibly the most famous Belgian ever, better known as Manneken Pis. He is a global phenomenon, a true member of our common community and beloved by everyone.
In times of polarisation and division, it is important to recognise and celebrate the things that bring us together. Julien is one of them and 2019 brings the four-hundredth anniversary of this bronze statuette. Situated in central Brussels, the world throngs at his feet daily, either in half-hearted worship or utter disbelief.
An alter ego for the person we all want to be, rebel, angel, an I don’t give a damn personality that we all can appreciate. It is no wonder he is the proud symbol of Brussels and of Belgium. Split in all their diversity yet unified in the common disregard for the normal, where surreal is the norm and reality absurd. Anti-hero Julien gives one finger to the establishment, to his unassumed role as international celebrity and has indeed not given a damn for over four centuries!
Kevin Scarlett is a British photographer who has lived and worked in Brussels for over thirty years. He started this project over two years ago, saw potential in the area around Julien and challenged himself to capture what he saw as unique and noteworthy.
What started off as a photographic exploration gradually evolved. He found himself confronted with many conflicting views on globalisation, fraternity and tourism. It is essentially a collection of stories about community, traditions, waffles, life, love, and death.

Photographer(s): Text:
Kevin Scarlett Kevin Scarlett
Format: Pages:
20,3 x 13,3 cm 128
Design: Images:
Kevin Scarlett 65
Publisher: Binding:
Self-published Glued
Printer: Printing:
DV3 Offset
Date: Edition:
September 2019 400
Brussels, Belgium.