in to me see in to me sea

The series of images in this book are built around the juxtaposition of a local night-club and a polar day, thus rendering human rites of passage against the backdrop of more-than-human processes.
The landscape of Greenland and a local nightclub serve as a backdrop for the exploration of the role of light, movement, and time in the making of (mental, photographic, moving) images.
The photographic images give an account of the restless nature of light and contain traces of the movement inherent to visual perception. Gradually different locations, colors and shapes flow into one another and become translucent layers in an emerging mental landscape.
The analogy between the act of seeing and the sea, evoked by the title of the work, is reflected by the instability of the image and the gaze itself – flowing from page to page, hazing and clearing, floating on the surface and plunging into the depths, as if the image is returning to its underwater origin. (Evolutionary theories trace the development of vision in all animals back to a common underwater origin, potentially a jellyfish.)

Photographer(s): Text:
Els Martens Alicja Melzacka
Format: Pages:
32 x 24 cm 96
Design: Images:
Luc Derycke, Viktor Van den Braembussche (Studio Luc Derycke) 49
Publisher: Binding:
MER. The art imprint of Borgerhoff & Lamberigts
Printer: Printing:
Cassochrome Offset printing
Date: Edition:
May, 2023 200
Ghent, Belgium