Het gesprek

Het gesprek by Claire Dekens tells a story about a grieving process. That’s what Het gesprek is about. The photo story is loosely inspired by the play La voix humaine by Jean Cocteau. Research was conducted into what art can mean during a grieving process. The result is a book with poetic images that are recognizable to everyone and can therefore help with the grieving process. It is important that it becomes a book that fits well in the hand and is used often.

Photographer(s): Text:
Claire Dekens De Schrijfarbeider
Format: Pages:
14 x 19,5 cm 144
Design: Images:
Claire Dekens
Publisher: Binding:
Self-published Sewing binding
Printer: Printing:
Buroform Digital LE UV
Date: Edition:
September, 2023 100
Zonhoven, Belgium