Guarda La Fotografia

In 1993 Filip Naudts (1968) founded his own photo studio Guarda La Fotografia, where he quickly developed his own poetic style, often referring to the portrait paintings of the Flemish primitives. Fascinated by portraying beauty and at the same time, by adding a small humorous often surreal element to the image, showing the relativity of beauty.

Photographer(s): Text:
Filip Naudts Johan Swinnen, Ludo Bekkers, Willem Elias, e.a.
Format: Pages:
24 x 17 cm 192
Design: Images:
Group Van Damme
Publisher: Binding:
Stichting Kunstboek Hardcover
Printer: Printing:
Pure Print
Date: Edition:
October, 2013
Oostkamp, Belgium