Femke den Hollander feels strongly about cultural and social projects. Her work bears witness to her constant search for the unknown and unseen, with ‘humans’ and their environment as its focus.
With the series Goodnight Femke den Hollander redefines these unknown paths.
No humans in this series at all, but trees, rivers, flowers, high clouds and found feathers.
This series was created between July 8, 2020 and October 8, 2020. The lockdowns provided peace and time for the creation of artwork. During those summer months, I took a Goodnight photo every evening and shared it directly on Facebook, as an evening greeting.
The images obviously touched a nerve. The number of followers grew. At a certain stage, people were even looking forward to my evening greeting. People let me know that the photos created a familiar feeling.
In the photos I tried to capture the romance and the poetry of that moment in the evening. And I wanted to share this. For me, sharing and feeling an experience together, has a purifying effect. You experience something together without being together, so in a way, you are together after all.
Imagination, beauty and stillness describe the core of the atmosphere and especially the impact of the photo project. Sharing therefore is more than showing the image, it is an interaction between photographer, work and viewer – an intense way of being together that offers hope, light and mutual comfort.
The book Goodnight is the result of this exchange: the photos are alternated with poetry and texts by friends and writers and poets from Bruges such as Peter Verhelst, Harm Dicht, Frederik Lucien Delaere, Lise Surmont.

Photographer(s): Text:
Femke den Hollander Jan Devriese (intro), poetry by Peter Verhelst and others
Format: Pages:
14,8 cm x 21 cm 80
Design: Images:
Sanne De Muynck 82
Publisher: Binding:
Self-published Swiss binding, white thread
Printer: Printing:
die Keure, Brugge Offset
Date: Edition:
April, 2021 400
Brugge, Belgium