As a photographer and walker, Michel Reuss takes time out of his schedule to wander in the streets of Brussels with an inquisitive eye, attentive to details, to seemingly insignificant things. It is a choice to retain the almost nothing, lost, deposited there, in this city, on the ground, in a forgotten street or through the mist of a shop window. These photographs of banal situations possess a mysterious charm free of any aesthetic prestige. They evoke the work of the Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri and the power of simplicity. This book invites us to a geopoetic drift through the streets of Brussels. In the Brussels dialect, brusseleir, EVERANST means somewhere.

Photographer(s): Text:
Michel Reuss
Format: Pages:
20,3 x 28,5 cm 64
Design: Images:
Joseph Charroy 41 photographs - 7 enlarged plans
Publisher: Binding:
Primitive Hand-sewn binding
Printer: Printing:
Ateliers du Toner Laser print
Date: Edition:
November, 2021 100