Epidermis II

The tension between the real world and the parallel world is intensified in these portraits of morphsuits. The design and theatricality of public space extends into the private realm. Self-design is a statement in the virtual arena that is the Internet. How do I present myself to the other’s gaze? Which lifestyle do I use to construe an imaginary identity? In their Zentai suits these morphers succeed in escaping from the obligatory, omnipresent perception, the pressure of being seen, all the time, everywhere. They are encapsulated and unrecognisable in a completely enclosed form, vanishing into a trans-human identity that suddenly infiltrates reality in the place where Lybeer portrays them.

Photographer(s): Text:
Charlotte Lybeer Inge Henneman, Thomas Crombez, Dirk De Wachter, Tom Nys
Format: Pages:
21 x 30 cm 50
Design: Images:
Jurgen Maelfeyt 42
Publisher: Binding:
Art Paper Editions
Printer: Printing:
Die Keure, Bruges
Date: Edition:
2015 500