There are universes that only make sense (or even simply take shape) in the inexpressible, the untranslatable – secrets that are only exchanged in silence. Marie Sordat travels (Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Italy, Georgia, the United States.) without bringing back photos from her travels – or even from inner journeys, because her photos are more mental mirrors than a strict reflection of the world around her. They speak to us of of man in an unrecognizable, uncomfortable syntax that, with wolf’s pace, imperceptibly makes the visible come out of itself, at the tip of the knife, in the edge of the shadows. Violence and gentleness, accidents of life or thirst for the absolute, the bark of beings in the depths of torment: their radical writing with light is one that is immediately recognizable, imprints itself durably, insinuates itself slowly and deeply. (Emmanuel d’Autreppe)


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Marie Sordat
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17 x 21 cm 128
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Yellow Now Hardcover
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Crisnée, Belgium