Don’t love me, I’m your toy

The photos come from Skype video chats that lasted between 15 and 45 minutes. During these video chats a man would undress and had to – at the very least – be bare-chested. On one condition: anonymity. No physical criteria, nothing pre-defined. They cannot see me. I direct them from a distance; they don’t know exactly what I am taking pictures of – then our screens switch off. The person on camera, usually wants to look good.
In these times of feminist renewal and questioning of the roles attributed to each one, the book takes a contemporary look at the image of the man. My objective was to not make them beautiful, but rather observe and experience the male body and form. For once, it is the man who is undressed, and by a woman. Passive, he consents to the injunctions of the voice that emanates from the computer, guiding him to pose. The short stories in the booklet are about a woman who presents herself as a stereotypical image of desire.

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Aurore Dal Mas Aurore Dal Mas
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21,9 x 28,5 cm 68
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Aurore Dal Mas & DIRTYillness 32
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DIRTYillness Perfect bound
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November, 2019 250
, UK