Diesel & Veggie Oil

Diesel & Veggie Oil portrays musicians Joel Ludford and Anna Horton as they tour the United States. As a reader, you follow their story from the eye of photographer Timo Vergauwen until they end up in hospital after a head-on car crash…
​While traveling through America, musicians Joel Ludford and Anna Horton from the American folk band Handmade Moments came across his path. After a pleasant acquaintance, they invited him to follow them on their tour of the US. Unbeknownst to him, a breathtaking story awaited him.
​Printed on high-end tactile paper, the vintage-feel images set the tone of an interesting journey. To emphasize the story, blue-jeans coloured pages are at the heart of the book including the story of this special event. After the story, in the second part of the book, the mood changes quickly. The first image you encounter is their totaled van. The journey everyone went through is captured in one red line across the cover, printed in red hotfoil. On the cover the title was printed in a white hotfoil, right above an offset printed image. The cover was bound with a Swiss bound hardcover open spine technique.

Photographer(s): Text:
Timo Vergauwen Timo Vergauwen
Format: Pages:
16 x 23 cm 128
Design: Images:
Tina De Souter 51
Publisher: Binding:
Buroform, Mechelen Open spine binding in a swiss binding hardcover
Printer: Printing:
Buroform, Mechelen Offset, Hotfoil
Date: Edition:
October 2022 750
Mechelen, Belgium