Dans mon jardin les fleurs dansent

Dans mon jardin les fleurs dansent is a series started a few years ago, in Bugeat, in Corrèze, where my mother decided to go and live. It is the simple story, but like many others, not always an easy one, of a woman, a mother, ties, breakups, bereavements and longings. Resignation and renewal, memories, tears and laughter. Pictures from over there and texts from here. A story. Yesterday, painful. Beautiful, today.

(book photo’s: Andrea Copetti)

Photographer(s): Text:
Olivier Cornil Olivier Cornil
Format: Pages:
23 x 32 cm and 10,5 × 14,8 cm 152 (88 pages with 64 pages in)
Design: Images:
Matthieu Litt 87 pictures with archival images and texts fr/en
Publisher: Binding:
Les éditions du Caïd / L'image sans nom
Printer: Printing:
Snel, Liège Offset
Date: Edition:
January 2019 500
Liège, Belgium