Cabin Fever

In Cabin Fever, Catherine Lemblé keeps a weather eye on the mountains. In search of the frontier where man merges into its environment, she encounters a ruthless and omnipotent nature, in which every living creature must acknowledge his superiority. In 31 photographs she depicts the longing for a world where simplicity, silence and repose are abundant. The cabin as a last resort, a panacea in a landscape that’s irrevocably changing.

Photographer(s): Text:
Catherine Lemblé Frederik Willem Daem & Catherine Lemblé
Format: Pages:
21,3 x 27,6 cm 44
Design: Images:
Joris Verdoodt & Mathieu Serruys 31
Publisher: Binding:
Self-published Swiss binding
Printer: Printing:
L.capitan, Oostkamp Offset
Date: Edition:
2019 300
Brussels, Belgium