‘Extraordinary‘ is Carolle Servayge’s debut and a plea for self-acceptance and positivism. The book presents photos and stories of people with special characteristics and thus goes against the stereotypical ideals of beauty of today.
Natural linen was chosen for the cover. The unique speckles in the material are a link to the unique external characteristics of the people in the book. The cover is impressed with a black and silver hotfoil. The black and white photography inside of the books comes to life on a magnificent high-quality paper by Fedrigoni.

Photographer(s): Text:
Carolle Servayge Carolle Servayge, Various Authors
Format: Pages:
16 x 23 cm 96
Design: Images:
Tina De Souter and Fay Janssen 53
Publisher: Binding:
Buroform, Mechelen Hardcover with linnen
Printer: Printing:
Buroform, Mechelen Offset, Hotfoil
Date: Edition:
October 2022 750
Mechelen, Belgium