Ballodromes identifies and catalogues nearly 400 pelota courts, in as many villages, in Flanders and Wallonia. Long considered one of the most popular sports in Belgium, balle pelote is unusual in that its courts are demarcated by white lines painted on the ground in village squares. Through Andy Simon’s observant and methodical eye, the book Ballodromes bears witness to the evolution of a given terrain and its functions, and to the transformation of these squares, where the social life of a village once played out.

Photographer(s): Text:
Andy Simon Benoît Goffin
Format: Pages:
15 x 21 cm 304
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Grégoire Pujade-Lauraine +400
Publisher: Binding:
Poursuite Embossed hardback
Printer: Printing:
Syl Offset
Date: Edition:
October, 2022 1000
Brussels, Belgium