In her first book Rio Staelens shows caves and rock formations that turn out to be man made constructions. Covered by mosses, ferns and rock plants, these sculptures have become one with nature. Often surrounded by exuberant exotic plants, a distant world that shows us the remains of a religious culture is evoked. Like the caves, which are reproductions and therefore a lie, the photographs project an image that is an illusion. A fantasy.

Photographer(s): Text:
Rio Staelens em. prof. dr. N. Tondeleir
Format: Pages:
16 cm x 24 cm 72
Design: Images:
Rio Staelens and Bodo Peeters 40
Publisher: Binding:
Self-published Swiss binding without glue on the back
Printer: Printing:
Graphius, Geers Offset Offset
Date: Edition:
January 2018 200
Oostakker, Belgium