Faced with the impossibility to capture the sun, I made use of the basics of photography and of the eye itself; light falling through a lens, causing a projection. In the image multiple layers come together; in the projection we can see parts of the surroundings. The shadow as a direct result of the sun shining shows us the process and the maker. The materiality and the texture of paper combined with the refraction of light. The sun makes this all visible, even though in the image the sun is a white spot where the pixels are burned out.

Photographer(s): Text:
Chantal van Rijt -
Format: Pages:
20 x 27 cm 48
Design: Images:
Werkplaats Typografie, Adriaan van Leuven 25
Publisher: Binding:
Self-published Thread sewn
Printer: Printing:
Graphius Offset
Date: Edition:
June 2017 250
Ghent, Belgium