Amoureux Solitaire

Two actors perform one of the most iconographic acts in film history: the kiss. ‘Amoureux Solitaire’ is an artist book which investigates the use of montage within a book. It’s a play with the parameters of the medium. A book, like film, shares element like beginning and end, frame and the photographic image. But it has unique features like different reading directions, the turning of a page, the margin, the reader who has control over the time he spends to look at an image. ‘Amoureux Solitaire’ places itself in the grey zones between both mediums and exploring the use of time and space. The Cover is the wall and the wall becomes the white page of the book.

Photographer(s): Text:
Tine Guns
Format: Pages:
18,5 X 23,5 cm 80
Design: Images:
Tine Guns 50
Publisher: Binding:
10191 & Topo Copy Perfect bound
Printer: Printing:
Topo Copy Riso printing
Date: Edition:
2014 150