The cryptic title forms a sequence of symbols and Danish sounds. AÆUÅÆØ roughly translates to ‘I am out on an island’. The photographer therefore invites us to visit an island. What the precise nature of that island could be remains undetermined. In any case, it is not an existing island. The images in this book cannot be read as a documentary inventory of a real existing area, but rather as a poetic evocation of the idea ‘island’. They explore the isolation, the sense of seclusion, specific to the existence of the islander. Each photograph is an isolated fragment, the whole a sequence of unfathomable appearances. The sublime landscapes, nature observations, archaic symbols and unknown rituals suggest an animistic world view in which every image, every human trace, seems like an echo of other times.

Photographer(s): Text:
Nick Geboers
Format: Pages:
24 x 33 cm 48 + print
Design: Images:
Roger Willems 37
Publisher: Binding:
Roma Publications Cahier stitch
Printer: Printing:
Wilco Artbooks Led UV
Date: Edition:
2018 600
Amsterdam, The Netherlands