A Soul That Roams Another World

Eva Faché got inspired by a book that she found in her mothers library. The book shows a collection of fairytales, sage and stories about the nature belief, animisme and shamanism. With that in mind she started her journey.
For six months Eva Faché lived and travelled through the north of Norway and Finland. This project has taken her to some very isolated places around the Arctic circle. It has given her the possibility to experience the very intimate and private world of practitioners of modern-day shamanism. During her travel she let herself be inspired by their way of living and their old beliefs. This world, a glimpse of which is very central to the work that she is presenting.
The Arctic is the inspiration for many myths, fairytales and stories, inspired by the landscape, the northern lights and the midnight sun. It is said that we inhabit the landscape and landscape inhabits us. This imagery explores how our communication, our ritual and rights relate, affect and depend on landscape.

Photographer(s): Text:
Eva Faché Diana Verhamme / Transelated by Aline Van Haver
Format: Pages:
21 x 27 cm 92
Design: Images:
Diana Verhamme / Technical support Tina De Souter 100
Publisher: Binding:
Self-published Glued Back/ Japanese folding / 20 pages that fold out
Printer: Printing:
Buroform Offset
Date: Edition:
May 2023 250
Ghent, Belgium